What is my Health Score?

Written by Wealthable
Updated 3 months ago

Cultivating sound spending and saving habits is essential to building wealth and  at Elevault we want to be a partner on your wealth-building journey. That's why we created Elevault Financial Health Score; to help think differently about how you spend and save your money!

The Elevault Financial Health Score was carefully crafted based on research surrounding financial health best practices from the field's leading thinkers. Each of the five factors included in the score tracks a specific element of financial health including paying bills on time and in full and having sufficient savings.

We use your transaction history and behavior in the app to calculate a score and provide you with feedback on your progress for each factor. We have weighted the factors differently based on their importance to your overall financial well-being. Your Health Score is not reported to any credit bureaus and only exists to help you make the most of your savings!

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