How is Elevault Different?

Written by Wealthable
Updated 1 year ago

Elevault is different to the other apps out there in many ways.

You have complete control over where you keep your money. ‘Vaults’ are sort of like traditional accounts, but you can create, edit, and delete them with just a tap. The opportunities are limitless! You can create as many as you want and for whatever you want. Saving for a new car? You can create a Vault for that. Budgeting for your monthly expenses? You can also create a Vault for those as well.

No Fees! This service is FREE!

No overdrafting, therefore no over spending.

You have complete control over your traditional account numbers. At Elevault, we call them ‘VaultKeys’, but they do the same thing. You can give them to your gym or cable provider to set up auto-pay. That means that if someone gets a hold of your VaultKey, you can deactivate it and make a new one. You can make as many as you want and connect each of them to any Vault you’d like!

Elevault also has Scheduled Saves. You can set up a savings schedule and Elevault will move money from one Vault to another on your schedule.

Elevault pays interest daily.  Your normal checking or savings account pays you monthly or quarterly, but WALT pays you each and every day. 

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