ID Verification & Drivers License

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Updated 1 year ago

Why won't my ID scan? 

You should be able to hold your phone over your driver's license barcode and it will scan it. You do not have to tap any buttons, it will automatically recognize the barcode and scan. Some things to make sure of:

  • Make sure you accept your camera's access. Since you can see the scanning screen, you probably did this.
  • Make sure your barcode is not dirty or worn. If it is worn and there is alot of the barcode rubbed off, it will not scan. 
  • Make sure you are scanning the main DL barcode, may need to cover up any additional ones with your hand. 
  • Make sure your license is not cracked or bent where your barcode is.
  • Hold your phone at different angles and distances from the barcode. 
  • Make sure your camera is not dirty or broken. 

Oh No! If you are receiving this message, please check to make sure you are using a valid Driver's license and not an identification card. If you are having continued problems, make sure to request a phone call from our support team. 

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